Vietnam - The safest country to visit in Asia for 2024

Travel Off Path posted an article listing reasons why Vietnam is the safest country to visit in Asia for 2024.

Safety is a primary concern for international travellers travelling abroad, especially as conflicts break out everywhere, climate change is increasing and security is decreasing across a number of destinations, Asia is not an exception.

Still, Vietnam has proven to be remarkably stable and safe for tourists who would like to put Asia to their bucket list. According to the latest Global Law and Order Index, Vietnam is not only the most peaceful state in Asia but also the seventh worldwide. The country is the highest-charting country in Asia, with an enviable score of 92, out of a maximum of 100, in the top 10 dominated by European countries.

Countries around the world have been unlocked travel restriction post-Covid 19 and it could be said that 2024 will be the full recovery year for Asia tourism. Western travellers flock back to the continent of friendly smiles in droves, and all eyes are on Vietnam - a Southeast Asian gem.

Vietnam in modern day is prosperous and peaceful, with low rates of crime and impressive political stability, Travel Off Path shared.

Vietnam is actually one of the most fascinating destinations in Asia, according to Travel Off Path. Vietnam is an ideal destination for travellers who are seeking for relaxing trips and reconnecting with nature. Cultural enthusiasts are also warmly welcomed here since the country is rich in culture and heritage. They will figure it out during their travel from North to South.

The suggestion in here is taking your time to stroll the charming, yellow streets of Hoi An Ancient Town - the ancient port and UNESCO World Heritage Site recognized for its numerous historical temples and French colonial architecture.

Hoi An Ancient Town (Photo: Collection)

From Hoi An, visitors can take a ride to the neighbouring city Hue, the imperial citadel imprinted in the Nguyen Dynasty; Dragon and Golden bridges of Da Nang. Further down the coast, enjoy the sandy beaches, or admire the golden sand dunes of Mui Ne.

Freely explore the country from the vibrant metropolis Ho Chi Minh City, the “mud land” Nha Trang, to Ha Noi - the capital city of Vietnam, escaping into nature in Ninh Binh, the land famous for its rice fields and Trang An landscape complex.

Enjoy the new e-visa policy to citizens of all countries and territories, with the temporary stay duration up to 90 days and take effect for multiple entry and exit as a warm welcome from Vietnam.

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