‘Going to the Field’ festival in Hoi An

The ‘Going to the Field’ festival took place in An My village of Cam Chau ward (Hoi An, Quang Nam) on the early morning of January 2, 2024. Hundreds of local residents and visitors got together there.

Drying out by long-handles bucket

Cam Chau ward has over 220 hectares for planting rice and crops.

In order to encourage agricultural production associated with effectively exploiting the values of ecological resources and promoting tourism potential, the authorities in Hoi An have built and upgraded the local transport infrastructure, improving rural landscapes, developing agricultural products and services, and initially creating a picture of tourism in combination with agricultural production.

There are more and more cycling tours to Cam Chau to join in farming activities in the field, facilitating agritourism development and thereby making the urban area of Hoi An a spearhead in local tourism development.

According to the leaders of Hoi An, the city has laid down as a policy the diversification of tourism products.

In particular, agritourism development based on local advantages helps create commodities, avoiding the risk of shortages of food.

At the same time, agritourism also provides local farmers with stable incomes and better lives.

The Cam Chau ‘Going to the Field’ Festival 2024 was an important event and a new tourism product, contributing to the improvement of the value chain and the local income. Hoi An will expand this tourism model to other places in the city.

Preparing farmland for rice cultivation

The ‘Going to the Field’ festival includes a lot of activities, including worshipping agricultural deities, working in the fields, ploughing performances by buffaloes and ploughing machines, drying out by long-handled buckets, enjoying delicious dishes made of agricultural products, rice planting competition. They are really attractive to visitors, especially foreigners.

The ‘Going to the Field’ festival is considered a tourism product and will be held every year in the time to come.

Translated by HO TRINH