Banh Xeo Origin Quang


Banh xeo is a rustic dish with many different ways of processing. But anyone who has ever tried Quang's pancakes will surely be fascinated by the taste here. The dish is made from the main ingredients: rice, shrimp, meat used to make pancakes. Pancakes are freshly eaten hot and are rolled with rice paper with raw vegetables of the countryside, then dipped with dipping sauce. The dipping sauce of banh xeo is made with soy sauce mixed with sesame, pork liver, and ground peanuts to create a unique and strange taste. In the rainy season, enjoying hot, fragrant pancakes is very interesting.

Bale Well Restaurant
Add: 45/51 Tran Hung Dao St., Hoi An City
Tel: 0905.1319 11

Banh xeo Hai Nam
Add: 103 Ly Thai To St., Hoi An City
Tel: 0932.434299

Banh xeo Hai Dao
Add: 160 Ly Thai To St., Hoi An City
Tel: 0905.315450